In some circumstances an insurance company could refuse a claim if your vehicle has not been maintained or serviced regularly.

Alan Newton MCEA

Caravan Service Engineer

Regular servicing of your caravan or motorhome will pay off in the long run with greater reliability and improved resale value. Some items you can easily check for yourself, such as tyres and lights, but the braking system and the electrical and gas items inside the van area are best left to experts.




This will include a check to all gas appliances and make sure there are no leaks. A carbon monoxide check will be carried out to make sure no poisonous gases are escaping into your vehicle.

All electrical appliances checked to make sure they are working safely and correctly, the main RCD will be checked for correct operation.

A full damp report will highlight any areas of concern.



It’s the law to make sure your vehicle meets the standards to be used on a public highway, i.e. all lights are in working order, brakes adjusted and checked, all couplings/ safety catches and breakaway cables checked.


A full service or chassis service will mean the vehicles wheels will be taken off. This will enable a full check of the tyres for signs of cracking or bulging (a major cause for blowouts)






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